The Philippines visit

February 15-21, 2015

I visited the Philippines with JAMSTEC members.
I had many experiences in one week.
Report about the stay.

1.visit to PAGASA

To talk about the agreement, we visited the PAGASA.

Office Map of Rice and Corn during El Nino Library

2.visit to Ateneo University

We visited Ateneo University and presented at the seminar.

Rader Old barometer

Presentation at the seminar After presentation

3.visit to Laoag meteorological observatory

To the maintenance, we visited Laoag meteorological observatory.

Laoag meteorological observatory Meteorological instruments Stevenson screen

Pyrheliometer Solar panel Measure the sunshine hours

In the stevenson screen Time for observation Checking

Digging to move the Pyrheliometer Movement completion Testing of the rain gauge

- Others -

Waiting for a taxi Taxi come Philippine dinner at the restaurant

MRT(like monorail) From Manila to Laoag Airport in Laoag

Airplane Philippine breakfast Best smile!

Commemorative photo♪

It was a very enjoyable stay.
I'm grateful to all the people I've met!

Wallpaper that was used in HP was borrowed from here material site.